Welcome sign

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please indicate a : / when you want to go to the line and each font you want.

Example* :

Calligraphy Nº1 / Welcome N°12 / to the wedding of N°1 / Lélia & Hakim N°12 / 05.06.2023 N°1 / “And we created you in pairs” N°1 / Quran 78:8 N°1

*If the entries are not completed in this way, we consider that you are giving us carte blanche to dispose of your entries.

The price includes the plexiglass plate, writing & painting.

Easel rental €10.

*For any urgent order to be processed as a priority outside of our scheduled deadlines (4 weeks of preparation) a supplement will be requested by e-mail, please choose express delivery (24 hours once the preparation is finished) + indicate it to us in the “order notes” section, an e-mail will be sent to you with a paypal link to pay the excess.